Sayatya Mallick, as a musician, is trained in both percussion as weSpace_Sayatyall as melody. He is a songwriter and a composer and has worked in various projects, including an album with band Jack Rabbit, documentary films, feature films and ad films. He is the vocalist and percussionist of band Bemanan.

“Music came to me in the form of drums. I have been learning and performing for about 15 years now. However, I found myself in the music of the Ragas, which has transformed my way of life.
Teaching, I believe, is also a form of learning. I love to teach because it makes me learn. Every student teaches me.”


Space_Tatum2Arinjoy Sarkar has been playing the guitar since 2000. He has played in a number of bands in the city and currently plays for No Idea and The Big Family Blues Ensemble. He also plays as a sessions musician for films, ads and jingles. He studies contemporary music and theory with renowned guitarist Mr. Amyt Datta and classical guitar with Mr. Shyamal De under whom he has completed his Grade VIII examination. As a musician, Arinjoy is inspired by a variety of music such as jazz, blues, rock, Western and Indian classical, folk,etc.

” As a teacher, I believe in a very open way of teaching. I encourage my students to listen to and appreciate music and play together so that the learning process can be more enjoyable and holistic. I want them to be good musicians rather than just guitarists and therefore they need to grow as listeners. Being a guitarist in this city I also feel that guitar is a very important part of contemporary Indian culture and will continue to be if more and more people embrace it wholeheartedly. My message to all students – Play what you feel, feel what you play.”


Space_RitayanRitayan Biswas has been playing piano more than 8 years, completed his grade 8 from ABRSM in 2012 and performed in various concerts. He has also performed with Calcutta Chamber Orchestra and Junior Orchestra. He was the winner of the President’s Challenge Cup in 2009. His most successful composition ‘Prayer’, was selected and performed by Keys of Change Musicians.

“Only practice doesn’t make you a perfect musician, you have to choose right path and good musical environment to understand the music. As a teacher it is my responsibility to show the right path for my students.”


Space_DiptanshuAdept in the Appalachian Folk style, Diptanshu Roy is probably the only Bluegrass mandolin player in India. He also plays Bengali folk music; songs of bauls, boatmen and bullock cart drivers popular in this tradition. This enables him to blend Appalachian tunes with other Asian folk forms in a very unique and distinctive way. Monroe’s Bluegrass, Appalachian fiddle tunes, New Orleans Jazz, Ray’s background scores and the baul’s dotara have all shaped him as a musician. He runs a blog called Folkpick which curates folk music from his travels. Folkpick produced a CD of baul music by the Shantiniketan-based artist Basudeb Das Baul which has been well-appreciated all over.


Space_DebtanuDebtanu began his career in music by being a part of the Rock Band Limerick and later, was one of the founder members of ‘Colour Bridge’, a funk and soul band. He is also a part of Orient Express and associated with one of the stalwarts of Latin Percussion in India, Mr. Monojit Dutta in the Project `Let The River Flow`. He has work with the drum exponent Mr. Mark Manczuk, the legendary flute player and saxophonist, Mr. Steave Gorn, Saxophonist Mr. George Brooks and French Percussionist, Mr. Emmanuel Simon.

To him, “Music lies in inspiration”.